Friday Night Legends

The High School Football Board Game

Historic Texas high school football teams game


“This game absolutely rocks! You can play historic high school teams against each other. Teams are created based on real stats. Very accurate and fun!”


“Easy to learn and fun.”


“Fantastic football game! Rules include both head to head and solo play. One thing I really enjoy about the game is its high replay ability and realism.”


“It plays just as a High School Football should play. Very enjoyable, with plenty of teams available!”


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Play historic matchups against the greatest of all time!

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FNL Rules Clarification: Coaching Points

FNL Rules Clarification: Coaching Points

One of the things that has long been a bother for me personally was how I felt sometimes the coaching points go to waste. Here is a scenario: You line up for a FG that will change the game dramatically and decide to use 2 points to change the roll from a miss to a...