Friday Night Legends

The High School Football Board Game

Historic Texas high school football teams game


“This game absolutely rocks! You can play historic high school teams against each other. Teams are created based on real stats. Very accurate and fun!”


“Easy to learn and fun.”


“Fantastic football game! Rules include both head to head and solo play. One thing I really enjoy about the game is its high replay ability and realism.”


“It plays just as a High School Football should play. Very enjoyable, with plenty of teams available!”


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Play historic matchups against the greatest of all time!

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Wright Stuff Tournament 2020

Wright Stuff Tournament 2020

This is going to be big!! The Wright Stuff Tournament 2020. FNL Co-creator Michael Wright has put together a tournament featuring some of the greatest teams from the FNL library. The Wright Stuff Tournament will feature 80 great teams broken into 5 levels. They will...

NCAA Championship means FNL!!

NCAA Championship means FNL!!

It is that time of year... time for the NCAA National Championship game between Clemson and LSU. Who will win? Regardless of who wins in the NCAA, you can match up these two stellar QBs from their high school seasons. 2014 Athens (OH)  SOS 137OFF 57.4DEF 18.9 The 2014...

Sale on Scary Good Teams!

Sale on Scary Good Teams!

Use the code SPOOKY and you get a 20% discount on any (or ALL) of these scary good teams! Halloween ONLY 1921 Jacksonville Duval (FL) 45.8 scored 0.4 allowed1975 Big Sandy (TX) 58.9 scored 1.0 allowed1926 Tuscaloosa (AL) 59.1 scored 1.8 allowed1927 Waco (TX) 56.0...