Friday Night Legends Game Recap

Friday Night Legends is a football board game that uses actual team statistics, play calling and some luck to determine the outcome – kind of like real life! In this series, we will take some of these great teams we have compiled and give you a write-up of how the two played using Friday Night Legends.

’20 Houston Heights Bulldogs (TX) at ’20 Cleburne Yellow Jackets (TX)’

These two teams met for the first ever UIL Texas high school football state championship game. These teams allowed 3.5 (Cleburne) and 2.1 (Heights) points per game so a defensive struggle was expected. They lived up to the hype playing in the mud in Austin, Texas they finished the game with a 0-0 tie and were crowned Co-Champions. THIS IS THEIR REMATCH!

1st QTR

Cleburne won the toss and elected to put their defense on the field first. Facing that tough Yellow Jackets defense however forced Houston to a 3 and out punting situation. Cleburne fielded the punt and MUFFED the ball and the Heights player pounced on it to give them the ball at midfield. Unable to take advantage of the turnover, they went 3 and out and punted the ball back.

The teams again swapped 3 and outs before Cleburne’s second fumble gave the ball to Heights at the Cleburne 19. Things appeared to be totally going the way of the Bulldogs until they responded with a fumble of their own which a Yellow Jacket scooped up and rambled 74 yards for the first score. The Jackets led 7-0 despite having two turnovers and -4 total yards. The quarter ended after several more 3 and outs by each time.

Cleburne 7 – Heights 0

2nd QTR

The miscues kept coming as another muffed punt return – this time by Heights saw the ball go over. Cleburne started their second drive of the quarter deep in Houston territory. The Bulldogs D continued to hold though as Cleburne gained only a few yards before missing a 46 yard field goal.

Houston’s response to the great work by their defense was to turnaround and toss an interception which Cleburne returned to the 24. A few plays later, the Jackets extended their lead to 10-0 with a 43 yard field goal… again, despite having -1 total yards for the game.

Heights tried to respond and thanks to a 50 yard punt return, looked like they would. Cleburne’s D held and forced a FG attempt. The 37 yard try was no good and the two went into the half with Houston Heights winning the statistical battle but Cleburne holding the clear lead on the scoreboard.

Cleburne 10 – Heights 0

Halftime Stats


  • Rushing – 8 carries, (-9) yards
  • Passing – 5 of 10, 9 yards
  • Penalties – 3 for 25 yards
  • Big Plays – 3


  • Rushing – 17 carries, 27 yards
  • Passing – 2 of 14, (-10) yards
  • Penalties – 3 for 30 yards
  • Big Plays – 2

3rd QTR

The decided lack of offense continued in the 3rd quarter. The seven drives were all 3 and out with a punt and no surprises.

Cleburne 10 – Heights 0

4th QTR

Heights had been slowly winning the field position battle throughout the 3rd quarter and looked ready to turn it into something when they pinned Cleburne down at their 24. Facing 4th and 8, the Jackets’ punter took the snap, spied what looked like a wide open run opportunity but was stopped short of the first down. Taking the gift, Heights only needed to not lose yards to be in excellent field position. They lined up for the 46 yard kick – IT WAS GOOD! Heights had climbed back into the battle with just under 6 minutes to go. Cleburne 10, Heights 3

Heights went for the onside kick – and GOT IT! Their offense however, was still unable to make a first down and punted, pinning Cleburne at their 19. The Yellow Jackets appeared to self-destruct just as they could see an opportunity to clinch the game – they tossed an interception which Heights returned to the 11.

Down by a single score with the ball 11 yards was paydirt may seem close against most teams, but against this stingy defense, it seemed like a mile. Heights drove the ball to the 4 yard line and facing 4th and 3 with just 2:50 left in the game it was now or never. The outside run was met in the backfield and the Bulldogs turned the ball over on downs on the Cleburne 6.

With little time left, all Cleburne had to do was run the ball, burn the clock and not turn it over. 1st down -2 yards. 2nd down -2 yards, 3rd down -2 yards SAFETY!! Cleburne 10, Heights 5

With 1:40 left and only 1 timeout remaining, Houston Heights went to the well again to try an onside kick. Cleburne recovered the ball and saved the game.

Cleburne 10 – Heights 5

Final Statistics


  • Rushing – 26 carries, 5 yards
  • Passing – 5 of 14, 9 yards
  • Penalties – 6 for 50 yards
  • Big Plays – 5

Houston Heights: 

  • Rushing – 38 carries, 40 yards
  • Passing – 2 of 19, (-10) yards
  • Penalties – 7 for 55 yards
  • Big Plays – 3

Notes: If you take away the 74 yard fumble recovery (the only TD) then Heights wins this game 5-3. Heights won everywhere except the scoreboard. They outgained Cleburne 30 to 14 in total yards.

The way this game went down, I wouldn’t be surprised if playing them again, the score were 0-0 through 10 OTs. The defenses are just that powerful. The game featured 20 punts in total!