Friday Night Legends Game Recap

Friday Night Legends is a football board game that uses actual team statistics, play calling and some luck to determine the outcome – kind of like real life! In this series, we will take some of these great teams we have compiled and give you a write-up of how the two played using Friday Night Legends.

’98 Stephenville (TX) at ’17 Longview (TX)

Stephenville: The Yellow Jackets won their 2nd consecutive state championship with a win over Houston power La Marque. They used a high flying passing attack created by Head Coach Art Briles.

Longview: The Lobos turned in another excellent season that ended just short of a title After getting past Lufkin by 1 point (33-32) in the Quarterfinal round, they lost to State Runner-Up Waco Hewitt-Midway by 2 (28-26)

1st QTR

The Longview Lobos played host to a great team from another era – the Stephenville Yellow Jackets.  The ‘Ville won the toss and elected to defer to the second half.

Longview went to work on their opening drive but the Stephenville defense wasted no time in making a statement by forcing a three-and-out. The first Lobo punt left Stephenville to start at their own 22.

The Yellow Jackets wasted no time in gaining their initial first down but was stalled by a penalty that left them facing 4th and 1 at their own 31. Normally, this is a slam-dunk decision to punt but Stephenville defied logic and decided to go for it, trusting their offense. A short up the middle run appeared to have been enough but as the zebras stretched the chains on the measurement, it was short by an inch!

Longview took the gift of the ball just 31 yards from the endzone and scored with 6:00 left in the 1st QTR. The TD was made possibly on a 2 yard run 7-0 Longview.

The Yellow Jackets looked to make up for Brile’s coaching overconfidence on the next drive. They drove from their own 37 until it was again decision time. Facing yet another 4th and 1 – this time at the Longview 19, Briles again showed confidence in his offense despite cries of protest from doubting fans. The result this time? A 19 yard TD pass turned 4th down into a tie score. 7-7 3:20 1 QTR. 

Longview wasn’t done however and their next drive drove from their own 36 deep into ‘Ville territory. With just 10 ticks left in the opening quarter, the Lobos elected to try a 43 yd field goal – wide left.

Stephenville 7 – Longview 7

2nd QTR

Stephenville again showed their offensive power by driving the length of the field in just over 2 minutes. They capped the drive with a 16 yard TD run to take their first lead of the game 14-7. Stunned, Longview’s response was a simple 3-and-out.

Things looked to be turning Longview’s way when Stephenville fumbled the Longview punt – but it was recovered by Stephenville. With the lead and the ball again, it appeared that Briles’ team was about to run away with the game. The ‘Ville offense clicked along until slowing at Longview’s 31. Facing a 4th and 3, Briles decided to try the 48 yard field goal – wide right!

The back-and-forth continued as Longview responded with a drive that showed they can actually move the ball. With under 2 minutes left in the half, the Yellow Jacket defense stood up again and left the Lobos facing 4th and 6 at the 27. Longview coach John King decided it was time for the Lobos to go for it but their pass fell incomplete turning it over the Stephenville.

Not content to take the 14-7 lead into the half, Stephenville unleashed a passing attack that used deep passes, brilliant time management and even overcame a 10 yard sack. With 30 seconds left in the half, the drive was capped by a 10 yd TD run that made it 21-7 Stephenville at the half.

Stephenville 21 – Longview 7

Halftime Stats


  • Rushing – 13 carries, 88 yards
  • Passing – 11 of 15, 163 yards
  • Penalties – 1 for 5 yards
  • Big Plays – 2
  • Punts – 0 for 0 avg


  • Rushing – 19 carries, 62 yards
  • Passing – 7 of 11, 88 yards
  • Penalties – 3 for 30 yards
  • Big Plays – 2
  • Punts – 1 for 37.0 avg

3rd QTR

Stephenville opened the second half with the ball and tried to ice the game early. The Longview defense had other plans as after a single first down, Stephenville kicked their first punt of the game.

It was desperation time for Longview facing 4th and 1 at their own 29 when they too elected to go for it at a questionable time. The first down began a methodical drive that featured 10 plays and took over five minutes. All but two were runs, one of which was the 11 yard TD pass that made it 21-14 Stephenville.

With a single score separating the two, Stephenville wasn’t flustered. Their next drive covered 81 yards and was finished with a 4 yard TD run. The ‘Ville again led my two TDs 28-14 as the 3rd QTR ended.

Stephenville 28 – Longview 14

4th QTR

Longview fans gasped as the ensuing kickoff return was fumbled. Luckily, the Lobos recovered to salvage their hopes for a comeback. In another drive that include a 4th down conversion, Longview silenced doubters with a 2 yd TD run to once again make this a one score ball game. 28-21 Stephenville 8:10 4 QTR

Stephenville seemed snake-bit on their next drive that included a 15 yard penalty and a 7 yard sack. It was too much to overcome and they punted back to Longview. Could this be the drive that ties it up?

Longview drove to the Stephenville 37 and were once again looking at a fourth down. Needing 7 yards to keep the tying drive alive, the Lobo QB rolled out and tossed to an open receiver only to see the ball jarred loose as it he was hit by the Yellow Jacket DB – incomplete!

With 3:10 to go in the game, Stephenville decided that the best way to ensure a victory in such a close game was to dance with who brung ’em and score. Stephenville drove to the 19 eating up much of the clock and opted for the game-clinching field goal – wide left!!

Longview again had a chance – but it was too slim. Time expired as the Lobos attempted to send it into overtime.

Stephenville 28 – Longview 21

Final Statistics


  • Rushing – 27 carries, 159 yards
  • Passing – 15 of 23, 218 yards
  • Penalties – 3 for 35 yards
  • Big Plays – 6
  • Punts – 2 for 32.0 avg


  • Rushing – 46 carries, 167 yards
  • Passing – 15 of 21, 164 yards
  • Penalties – 5 for 40 yards
  • Big Plays – 3
  • Punts – 1 for 37.0 avg

Notes: This game seemed a blowout and a close match at different times. 

Betting: We posted odds on Facebook and started each with $100 FNL Bucks (look for them to be worth free teams and discounts as we develop things) The opening line was Stephenville (-6.5) and the over/under was 60.5 points.

  • Richard Kropp won 50 on Stephenville to cover
  • Richard Kropp won 10 on the Under
  • Greg King won 50 on Stephenville to cover
  • Greg King lost 20 on the over