Friday Night Legends
Game Recap

Friday Night Legends is a football board game that uses actual team statistics, play calling and some luck to determine the outcome – kind of like real life! In this series, we will take some of these great teams we have compiled and give you a write-up of how the two played using Friday Night Legends.

2009 Gilmer (15-0) at 2017 Cuero (12-1)

1st QTR

The 2009 Gilmer Buckeyes travel to Cuero, Texas to take on the 2017 Cuero Gobblers. This game featured two of the most powerful offenses in the game – each averaging more than 50 points per game. Not to be outdone, their defenses each give up under 20… something had to give.

Gilmer won the toss and elected to put the ball in their offense’s hands first. Starting at their 30, a simple run turned into a 23 yard gain and served as notice to the Gobbler defense, that this was not going to be an easy night. The defense took that lesson and handed one back by stifling the drive and causing a turnover on downs at their 28.

Cuero too showed off their offensive muscle by starting things off with a 26 yard run. A nice mixture of pass and run got them down to the 12 yard line before they were stopped. The gobblers kicked the 29 yd field-goal with 5:40 to go in the first quarter to take the 3-0 lead.

On Gilmer’s second drive they again made short work of most of the field. Again, the Cuero defense tightened up as the red zone approached. Again, Gilmer elected to go for it on 4th down. Again, they came up short and ended their drive at the 32.

This time, Cuero’s ended differently. Facing a fourth and one in their own territory, they elected the punt. The punt traveled 42 yards and went out of bounds at the 13. The quarter ended with Gilmer deep in their own territory.

Gilmer vs Cuero 3

2nd QTR

Just when it look like another Gilmer drive was about to stall, a personal foul against Cuero gave them a first down. The very next play Gilmer got a personal foul of their own backing them up first and 25. Unable to recover from that hole, the Buckeyes punted the ball away.

Cuervo started things off at their 25. The defenses continued to be the story as the Gobblers were forced to punt after a three and out. A great return by Gilmer set them up at their own 47 with 7:20 left in the half. A series of incomplete passes and another 15 yard walk-off forced Gilmer to punt. The punt traveled 34 yards and was returned 12 by Cuero but the runner coughed it up as he was hit… and a Buckeye landed on the loose ball. First down at the 32. A 12 yard pass had Gilmer in the red zone for the first time. At third down on their 15, Gilmer appeared to have an opening and appeared ready to snap the dry spell. Just before crossing into the promised land, the Buckeye runner raised his arms in preparation for the celebration to come… and FUMBLED the ball! A Gobbler fell on the ball at the two yard line.

Cuero then proceeded to go on a long drive that culminated in a 41 yard FG. The score was 6-0 with 1:00 left in the half.

Gilmer returned the kickoff to their 45 and went on a passing frenzy in an attempt to get into field goal range. They only made it close enough to try a 50 yd FG as time expired. The kick came up short and Cuero led at the break 6-0.

Gilmer vs Cuero 6

Halftime Stats

Rushing 19 carries, 108 yards
Passing 5 of 16, 67 yards
4 penalties 40 yards

Rushing 14 carries, 77 yards
Passing 1 of 3, 27 yards
1 penalty 15 yards

3rd QTR

Cuero begin the second half with the ball and the lead despite trailing in overall yardage to Gilmer. The Cuero drive only lasted three plays. The Gobblers punted over to the Buckeyes. Starting at their own 40, Gilmer made it into Cuero territory after just two plays. The drive never slowed as the Buckeyes mixed passing and running all the way down the field capping it with a 15 yard run for the first TD of the game. After 2 1/2 quarters of outplaying Cuero, Gilmer had their first lead 7-6.

Looking to get something going in the second half, Cuero again came up short. Yet another three and out where the Gobblers didn’t attempt a single pass led to a punt. The halftime speech, the Gatorade, or something woke up Gilmer. Just three plays into the drive facing 3rd and 12 they connected on a 66 yard draw play that caught Cuero sleeping. The PAT made it 14-6 with 4:00 left in the third.

Cuero appeared to be turning things around until a 46 yard pass was called back on illegal motion. The set back was too much to overcome and once again they punted. The third-quarter came to an end with Gilmer making short work of the field and sitting at the Cuero 32.

Gilmer 14 vs Cuero 6

4th QTR

The Cuero defense stiffened as Gilmer entered the red zone forcing the Buckeyes to end their drive with a 35 yard field goal. The score: 17-6 with 9:30 to go in the game.

Cuero seemed poised to finally get a good drive together but a key sack on third down ended heir hopes and forced them to punt once again. Gilmer took the ball and once again methodically marched down the field. They were halted after burning most of the remaining clock. With 3:10 to go, the Buckeyes attempted a 39 yard field goal. It was wide right but Gilmer felt confident leading 17-6.

Cuero’s final drive was too little, too late as the clock expired as Gilmer took the win 17-6

Gilmer 17 vs Cuero 6

’09 Gilmer        0     0   14   3    —-  17
’17 Cuero         3     3     0   0    —-    6


Rushing 38 carries, 262 yards
Passing 10 of 28, 109 yards
7 penalties 60 yards
6 Big Plays

Rushing 26 carries, 93 yards
Passing 6 of 14, 66 yards
5 penalties 55 yards
1 Big Play