Friday Night Legends
Game Recap – 1st  Quarter

Friday Night Legends is a football board game that uses actual team statistics, play calling and some luck to determine the outcome – kind of like real life! In this series, we will take some of these great teams we have compiled and give you a write-up of how the two played using Friday Night Legends.

2015 Arygle Eagles (14-2) vs 2017 Wimberley Texans (13-2)

These two programs are rich with history and have the state titles to prove it. They last met in the 2011 championship game. Wimberley won that matchup 21-14. Both programs are very evenly matched:


  • Wimberley 43.7 points per game scored
  • Argyle 47.4 points per games cored


  • Wimberley 21.4 points per game given up
  • Argyle 21.7 points per game given up

This one is waaay too close to predict. It will come down to big plays and mistakes, plus some luck!

1st Quarter

Argyle won the toss and elected to defer to the second half. They kicked off to the 9 yard line where Wimberley returned the ball past diving Eagles to the 50 yard line. On the very first play from scrimmage, Wimberley’s Jojo Weeks lobbed a 30 yard pass downfield and it was intercepted by Argyle and returned 25 yards… BUT there is a roughing the passer call against the defense negating the big play. After a short drive, the Texans settled for a 36 yard field goal attempt – wide right!

Argyle’s first drive saw them hit a big play on an outside for and 18 yard gain, but Wimberley rolled a big play defense causing a fumble! Wimberley recovered the ball and took control at the Argyle 49. With two big plays already for Argyle, they had nothing to show for it. This appeared to be a battle to see which team could settle their nerves first and play like they are capable.

Wimberley responded to their second great opportunity with a 34 yard strike down to the 15 yard line. The Texans stalled there but connected on a 32 yard field goal to take the lead 3-0 with 7:50 to go in the first quarter.

Argyle returned the kick off to their 28 to begin the drive. They started off with a first down before their second 15 yard penalty of the quarter ended their drive and forced them to punt.

Wimberley took over at their own 31 with 5:40 left in the first quarter. Argyle’s coach, Todd Rodgers, was seething when the Eagles were called for their third 15 yard penalty of the game on this drive. Thanks to that gift, Wimberley drove down and scored with a 14 yard roll out pass. The extra point made it 10-0 Wimberley with 2:20 left in the opening quarter. It appeared that the Texans were winning the race to settle the nerves and play ball.

Argyle began their drive at their own 32 and settled in for what appeared to the start of a long night for the Eagles. Two plays into the drive, Argyle busted open a simple draw for 61 yards to paydirt. With the game now 10 – 7 with 1:20 to go in the first quarter, the fans were excited to realize they had a game on their hands!

Wimberley caught the kickoff at their 1 and returned it up to their 24. The Wimberley machine was clicking along as they made short work of the field in driving to the Argyle redzone in just 4 plays. Time ran out in the first quarter with Wimberley sitting at 1st and 10 at the Argyle 20.

2017 Wimberley 10, 2015 Argyle 7

Stay tuned for 2nd quarter action