Friday Night Legends Game Recap

Friday Night Legends is a football board game that uses actual team statistics, play calling and some luck to determine the outcome – kind of like real life! In this series, we will take some of these great teams we have compiled and give you a write-up of how the two played using Friday Night Legends.

’04 Hoover (AL) Buccaneers at ’04 Tuscola Jim Ned Indians

(Played with Strength of Schedule)

Hoover: In 2004 the Buccaneers won their 4th consecutive Alabama state championship with a perfect 15-0 record. It was their first undefeated season in school history. Many consider this to be the best Hoover team ever.

Jim Ned: The Indians had a great season going 12-1 before losing in the Regionals. They were led by future Texas Longhorn great Colt McCoy. This team not only featured a strong passing game but a very stout defense.

1st QTR

The Hoover Alabama Buccaneers took their perfect record down to Texas to face the Tuscola Jim Ned Indians. This is a clear matchup of David (Jim Ned) vs Goliath (Hoover) as the Alabama team had roughly ten times the enrollment of the tiny Texas school – 3,000 to 300!

Hoover won the toss and elected to receive. The opening play was a big 20 yard screen pass but it was called back with a clipping call. After the slow start, Hoover ended their first drive by punting on fourth and two. Despite the great defensive stop, the Indians let the punt roll all the way down to their 24 yard line to start their drive.

Jim Ned ran for -4 yards on three carries before punting the ball away. Hoover began their drive by marching down the field before tossing an interception. Jim Ned took over at their 44 with 7:20 to go on the quarter.
The Indians made their only progress via penalties but were forced to punt again. Hoover caught the ball at the 12 ran it out to the 19 before fumbling the ball back to the Indians. With a total of -10 yards of offense, the Indians were sitting at first down inside the Bucs red zone!
After thinking about actually trying a field goal on first down, the Indians opted to go for it instead. It was a good thing because three plays later they were sitting at first and goal on the seven… with just one yard of offense for the game. Two big plays for the Hoover defense later (a sack and a fumble) the Buccaneers took over 1st and 10 at their own 17. Time ran out in the first quarter just as Hoover capped the long drive and punched it in from the 6 yard line… but it was call back or an offsides penalty. 0-0

Hoover 0 – Jim Ned 0

2nd QTR

The second quarter started with Hoover facing 2nd and goal from the 11. The defense stiffened up forcing Hoover to settle for a field goal 3-0 with 11:10 to go in the half.
After managing yet another first down due to penalties, the Indian stalled again and were forced to punt. Once again the kicking team pushed Hoover back to their own 16. Jim Ned’s defense stood up again, forcing the punt just three plays later.  It was BLOCKED and Jim Ned it took over 35 yards from paydirt. It may as well have been 200 yards to go as through a quarter and a half the Indians had -10 total yards. This possession did feature Colt McCoy’s first complete pass of the game but it was not enough for a first down. The Indians tried a 42 yard field goal and missed with 5:20 to go in the half .
Hoover proceeded to drive the length of the field and score the first touchdown of the game with 1:40 remaining in the half. 10-0 Hoover
Time expired in the first half as the Indians were finally starting to make yards.

Hoover 10  – Jim Ned 0

Halftime Stats

Rushing 11 carries, 51 yards
Passing 9 of 13, 123 yards
Turnovers 2
Penalties 7,  65 yards
Jim Ned
Rushing 9 carries, -13 yards
Passing 3 of 9, 22 yards
Turnovers 1
Penalties 1, 15 yards

3rd QTR

Jim Ned started with the ball but after a first half with nearly nothing from their offense, they were likely wishing they could play the rest of the game on defense. As usual they managed nothing on “O” unless you count their second penalty of the game. After a punt, Hoover looked to make up for the many mistakes that kept things close in the first half. They responded with a long drive capped by a 20 yard toss into the end zone that stretched their lead to 17-0.
The size differential of the two schools really started to affect play in the third quarter. On their next drive Jim Ned managed only to go -19 yards before punting the ball away.
Hoover took over just 35 yards from a touchdown and it looked like smooth sailing. Just a few minutes later the Buccaneer quarterback dropped back and delivered a laser strike to the end zone for a 14 yard score. The PAT was missed making it 23 – 0 with four minutes to go in the third quarter.
Jim Ned took their next drive and proceeded to burn the rest of the third-quarter thanks largely to a 23 yard run that set them up first and goal at the six as time expired

Hoover 23  – Jim Ned 0

4th QTR

Switching directions on the field seemed to be just what Hoover needed. A couple of great defensive plays forced Jim Ned to settle for the field-goal as their first score of the game. 23-3 at the start of the fourth quarter.
The Indians attempted the onside kick to stay alive in the game and after a mad scramble recovered it! They then put together their best drive of the game which was capped off by a 15 yard run for the TD. 23-10 with 5:20 to go. Could this little-team-that-could actually make a comeback?
They tried to grab some more magic with another onside kick but this time came up short. Hoover took over on their own 49. The Bucs drove the ball and burned the clock all the way until with one minute to go when Jim Ned intercepted and returned it to their own 21.
With just one minute to go, the Indians were unable to move the ball much as Hoover celebrated their victory. For a team with 1/10th of the enrollment, the Indians should feel proud of their performance.

Hoover 23  – Jim Ned 10

Final Statistics

Rushing 22 carries, 107 yards
Passing 14 of 22, 199 yards
Turnovers 3
Penalties 10,  85 yards
Jim Ned
Rushing 26 carries, -5 yards
Passing 12 of 22, 98 yards
Turnovers 1
Penalties 4, 40 yards