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Friday Night Legends Game Recap

Friday Night Legends is a football board game that uses actual team statistics, play calling and some luck to determine the outcome – kind of like real life! In this series, we will take some of these great teams we have compiled and give you a write-up of how the two played using Friday Night Legends.

FNL Matchup: 2017 Mater Dei (CA) vs. 2018 Galena Park North Shore (TX)

The Monarchs of Mater Dei (CA) were the California State Champions in 2017.  They were also crowned the National Champions for 2017. They played an impressive schedule that included Bishop Gorman, St. John Bosco (twice) and De La Salle.

Offense : 48.27 ppg
Defense : 15.27 ppg

The Mustangs of Galena Park North Shore (TX) won their 3rd state championship in school history. They scored on Hail Mary pass on the last play of the game for the win. This was their 19th consecutive season with 8+ wins.

Offense : 53.31 ppg
Defense : 12.44 ppg

1st QTR


Mater Dei :  Starts at their own 10.   They put together a good drive scoring on a 12 yard run. This drive was highlighted by 3 big plays by Monarchs. 

North Shore : Gets a first down but punt after misfiring on consecutive passes.

Mater Dei :  Moves into North Shore territory before punting.

North Shore : Goes on an 89 yard drive.  They score on a 2 yard run as the quarter ends with the score tied at 7.

2017 Mater Dei  7  2018 North Shore  7

2nd QTR


Mater Dei :  Moves to midfield before having to punt.

North Shore : Makes their 2nd 1st down of the drive on a 3rd and 7 but they got a bad call and were penalized and had to punt.

Mater Dei :  Gets a 15 yard punt return to start their drive at the North Shore 44.   They score on an 11 yard run to take the lead 14-7.

North Shore :   Has a good kickoff return to start at their own 43.  They convert on a 4th & 1 at the Monarch 33 and then score on a 29 yard run. They barely get the extra point to go through and it is tied at 14.

Mater Dei :  Make it to midfield but punt

North Shore :   Starts with the ball at their own 14 with 1:30 left.   They drive to the Monarch 33 before getting sacked and knocking them out of field goal range.     The clock runs out.

2017 Mater Dei  14  2018 North Shore  14

3rd QTR


North Shore :  Drives into Monarch territory but a clipping penalty stops the drive.

Mater Dei :  A great punt pins the Monarchs back at their own 1.   They go 3 and out.

North Shore :  Gets a good punt return on a short punt and begin their drive at the Monarch 23.   They go 3 and out but kick a 39 yard field goal to take a 17-14 lead. 

Mater Dei :  Go 3 and out.

North Shore :  Fumbles and it is recovered by Mater Dei at the Mustang 34.

Mater Dei :  Connects on a pass down to the 2 but they are called for clipping.   On the next play, they throw an interception.

North Shore :  Gets 1 first down and punts.

Mater Dei :  Has the ball as the quarter ends

2017 Mater Dei  14 – 2018 North Shore  17

4th QTR


Mater Dei :  Gets a first down and punts.

North Shore :  Starts the drive at their 4 after a great Monarch punt.  They  drive to midfield before punting.

Mater Dei :  Starts at their own 9 after a great out of bounds punt by the Mustangs.    On the 3rd play of the drive, the Monarchs fumble and it is scooped up by North Shore for the score from 19 yards out BUT the Mustangs was offsides.    Two plays later Mater Dei connects on 31 yard pass but they were called for Motion.    They eventually make it down and kick a 37 yard field goal with 3:40 left.  The score is now tied up at 17.

North Shore :  Begin the drive at their 29 yard line.   They move the ball down to the Monarh 6 before kicking a 23 yard field goal as time expires and win 20-17.


2017 Mater Dei  17  2018 North Shore  20

Final Statistics

                     Pass                           Att Comp Yards     %     Rush Att Yards Avg   Big  Plays PEN PEN Yd   TO
2017 Mater Dei (CA)
31 17 153 54.84% 22 132 6.0 7 7 50 1
2018 North Shore (TX)
22 11 109 50.00% 45 339 7.5 7 12 95 1