One of the things that has long been a bother for me personally was how I felt sometimes the coaching points go to waste. Here is a scenario:

You line up for a FG that will change the game dramatically and decide to use 2 points to change the roll from a miss to a good kick. The other coach then simply spends 2 of his points to change it right back.

The way it was written, either both teams can go back and forth using points until the coach with more points uses his last 1 or simply decide not to change the roll knowing the other coach will just change it right back. (This certainly would have to be the scenario in a solo game.) The result either way is a lot of wasted coaching points.

Here is the rule as it was modified in the rule book:



Each team sheet has the number of coaching points a team has. Each coach can spend up to that number of points for the game. They are not required to use any if they do not want to. The Home team (if applicable) gets +2 added to their Coaching Points total.


  • 1 point – add or deduct 10 seconds on the clock (may be done only once per play)
  • 2 points  – add/subtract 1 from your roll on a kicking play 
  • 3 points – ignore penalty against your team
  • 5 points – add or subtract 1 yard from a play (may be done only once per play)


The change may seem minor, but it does greatly add to the importance of a coach and those points. By limiting the modification of time to once per play, the other coach can’t simply change it – at least not until the next play. By making the add/subtract only apply to the person rolling the dice, that too eliminates someone just erasing the coaching point spent by the other coach.