Here is something that came up in a recent game I played:

FNL Matchup: 2004 Hoover (AL) at 2004 Jim Ned (TX)

It appears that although we had onside kick situations arise several times during our play-testing, it never made it into the rule book. We have the recovery chart on X-Sheet 3, but it doesn’t mention how far the ball travels before the recovery.  Here is the rule that was just added to the rule book:


To execute an onside kick, the kicking team rolls a d20 and moves the ball d20+5 yards.

Example: If the kicking team rolls a 7, the ball is moved 7+5=12 yards from their 40 (opponent’s 48 yard line) The kicking team then rolls d20 again and consults the Onside Kick chart on X-Sheet 3 to determine who recovers the ball)

Note: If the ball travels less than 10 yards, the kicking team receives a 5 yard penalty and must kick again – either onside again or regular.

There are no returns on an onside kick. The recovering team has possession at the yard line determined by the d20+5 roll from kicking spot.

Be sure to let us know if you discover anything that needs clarification and enjoy your game!!