Question :  My only question concerns rolling “out of bounds” on the white die to check for a penalty on the board. Are the instructions on the board only for the “out of bounds” roll? There are options to take an out of bounds with -5 yards from results or not take it with the -5 yds from result. Is the option to use out of bounds only available if it was rolled with the white die on initial roll? Or can you use it an any time? Thanks

Answer : You can use the run out of bounds or stay in bounds any time you wish.   If you want to stop the clock and your white die roll does not have you going out of bounds then you can opt to go out of bounds at a cost of 5 yards.   If the white die has you going out of bounds then you do not have to give up the 5 yards.   On the other hand, if you are wanting to run the clock and roll an out of bounds play, you can opt to stay in bounds at a cost of 5 yards.